Rebound Sales

Introducing customer alumni qualified leads

When a champion leaves a job they don’t just drop off the face of the earth. Keep tabs of your Customer Alumni Qualified Leads (CAQL’s) with Avrio, congratulate them on their new gig and let them know that you’re around when they’re ready to chat.

Champion Success

Open-source intelligence

Get ahead of the curve with notifications as your champion’s engagement declines or reactive on notifications confirming they have left their job. Save an account by using our automated org charts to reach out to their replacement or next best lead within the company.

A match made with Segment

Connect Avrio to Segment and automatically pull in all your customer profiles and populate your favourite tools with up to date champion engagement updates and rebound sales opportunities.

What the experts have to say

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Steli Efti

If I had the choice between an amazing lead source vs an amazing sales team, I would pick the lead source every time.

Julie Hogan

Retention is a two-way game, it's not only making sure customers stay, but also helping them expand and grow.

John Gleeson

Sales is not the job of customer success. Having a clear distinction between the two helps to build stronger customer relationships.

David Skok

Losing an internal champion is one of the biggest predictors of customer churn in a subscription business.

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