A champion success and rebound sales platform

Reduce churn by monitoring your internal champion signals and target highly qualified customer alumni leads

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Champion success

Open-source intelligence

Get ahead of the curve with notifications as your champion’s engagement declines or reactive on notifications confirming they have left their job. Save an account by using our automated org charts to reach out to their replacement or next best lead within the company.

Rebound sales

Customer alumni qualified leads

When a champion leaves a job they don’t just drop off the face of the earth. Keep tabs of your Customer Alumni Qualified Leads (CAQL’s) with Avrio, congratulate them on their new gig and let them know that you’re around when they’re ready to chat.

A match made with Segment

A single connection is all it takes

Automatically populate your favourite tools with champion engagement status updates and rebound sales opportunities when you connect Avrio to your Segment account.

Privacy by design

Avrio takes a holistic approach to security and privacy, and never shares or sells user data


We take the responsibility of helping you manage your customer data seriously at Avrio. We have rigourous internal and product security controls to keep your data safe.

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We keep end-user privacy at the centre of what we do, and we have built in processes to help you build trust and transparency with your users while staying compliant using Avrio.

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Say goodbye to spreadsheets and repetitive processes

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