The world's first
collaborative insights platform.

Capture insights, provide context, and promote the findings of your collective research & data analysis. Avrio helps your team connect the dots together.

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Save Learnings Anywhere

Pin Insights from your experiments directly on the relevant pages of your customer's journey for your team to access.

Capture Insights Effortlessly

Create an Insight or Event from any source directly with our browser plugin without disrupting your workflow.

Access Data Instantly

Search and filter for insights relevant to what you're working on, from any tool you're using.

Research Together

Organize Insights into clusters and spaces to collaborate on. Learn from each others research to finally get the full picture.

Annotate Once Everywhere

Add an Event for a feature release, experiment launched, or data incident to never get left wondering what caused that spike in the data again.

Launch product demo

Snap, tag, & collaborate.

Don't let your experiment learnings and customer research die in a slide deck, spreadsheet, or an analytics product.

Save a new customer insight to Avrio in a couple of clicks with our browser plugin directly from the data tools you already use.

Snap a screenshot, tag, organize, and share the knowledge with your entire company.

Multiple Insights tell a story.

Combine your qualitative and quantitative customer insights into a Cluster to build a business case, fuel an experiment hypothesis, prioritise your product roadmap, or define your ideal customer profile.

Align your team around the most current data and update your internal customer knowledge base as new insights flow in.

A Space for any use case.

Spaces give you the flexibility to organize your customer research and team up with anyone in your company to help put together the full picture.

Space examples:

User Journey Map

User Personas

Go-to-market Strategy

Revenue Squad

Product Research

Avrio is a game changer. Not only are we able to save and sort data insights but we now have access to every insight saved directly in the tools that they were saved in thanks to Avrio's browser plugin. Pulling in data for a brainstorming session is a breeze.
Seth Levi,
Director of Product Design at Drift

Product Marketing

Everyone has stopped asking who is our ideal customer profile and why thanks to Avrio. We are able to pull together data from multiple sources to tell the story while making sure the data is always relevant and up to date for our team to reference.
Jasmine Apple,
Product Marketing Manager at Segment

Product Management

Avrio has helped us leverage the customer research done by every team and squad within our company. We've stoped doing customer research in silos and started collaborating which has given us a much sharper picture of what we need to build for our customers.
Tyler Landlo,
Product Manager at Instacart

Product Analyst

With Avrio we can now measure the direct impact we provide to the company as a Business Intelligence team by counting the number of insights we find that are used in forming product updates and new experiments.
Magda Milleni,
‍Business Intelligence Manager at Wistia

Seamlessly built into your workflow.

Avrio automatically embeds itself directly within the tools you already use to pull in the insights you need.

Keep your insights up to date as you collect new information to make sure your team is always working off of the most relevant data.