Insight card show the May attribution report
Signups increased 5% with
the new H1 update
Insight card show the May attribution report
Can anyone explain the dip in
Homepage signups in May?
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Here’s the attribution
report for May.
Insight card showing a dip in sign ups in may
Our Homepage user
test is complete.

Sharing research and insights is messy. Avrio is here to change that.

Capture and share data analysis, user research, and learnings directly in context, with your team.

Connecting businesses like yours with the data to inform their decisions

Viral Loops

Knowledge is power: capture and share it

From Data Dashboards, Google Slides, and Slack threads, to inside of apps and team member’s heads. Avrio captures all of your Insights and creates a single source of truth.

Always accurate, up-to-date, and available anywhere.

Research Together

Break down your knowledge silos

Capture Insights from anywhere with our browser extension and instantly share them with your team. Group Insights around Opportunities to get everyone on the same page and avoid wasted hours on repetitive research avoid wasted hours on repetitive research by unlocking your team’s collective knowledge.

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Promote Insights

Never let an insight become hindsight

Don’t let your hard work die at the bottom of a spreadsheet or slide deck. Avrio gives you the tools to get your findings seen and new channels to drive awareness of your research and analysis. Pin insights to web pages, embed insights anywhereembed insights anywhere, share automated email updates, plus more.

Avrio makes it easy to share insights with my team and answer the ‘What happened there’ questions that pop up.
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Retain Knowledge

Give your team a single source of truth

Bring all your qualitative and quantitative research into a single space. Find exactly what you’re looking for with our self-learning search that adapts to your behaviour and keep research fresh with Insight validation and automated expiration.

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Document Actions

Discover what drives change for your business

Document, access, and share product updates, marketing campaigns, and process improvements internally with your team so you can better understand how your company grows and how your work contributes to it.

Built for insight-driven teams

If you do research, you’ll get more from it with Avrio.


Seamlessly built into your workflow

Our Browser Extension automatically extends the functionality of the apps you use by annotating graphs, linking Insights to tasks, and providing quick access to capture and save Insights.

You can auto-generate Insights and Events using our Zapier integration too.

Google Analytics
Google Sheets
Google Drive

Our customers say it best

Amplify your finding's impact with Avrio

No credit card required. Totally free during beta.

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Signups increased 5% with the new H1 update

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Maze user test report

Maze Homepage User Test Results

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Attribution report May 2021

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Homepage bounce rate increased 20% in May 2021

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Repeat research costs 20% of Analysts time

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Data Analysts
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An IDC study, based on a comprehensive survey of 400-plus individuals performing data functions across North America and Europe, found that data professionals spend 60 per cent of their time getting to insight, but just 27 per cent of that time is spent on actual analysis.

Instead, 37 per cent of that “getting to insight” time is spent searching for data, and 36 per cent is spent just preparing the data in the first place. These methods of working result in data professionals wasting 30 per cent of their time.

Data Analysis Time Consumption

That equates to an average of 14 hours per week due to not being able to find, protect or prepare data.

Furthermore, they waste another 20 per cent of their time - 10 hours per week - building information assets that already exist elsewhere in the organization.

This equates to a total of a 50 per cent loss in working time every week on unsuccessful activities or repeated efforts. Data professionals are spending more time governing, searching and preparing data than they are on extracting business value.

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20% website visitors click this link

Website Engagement
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20% of our website visitors click this link to see how Avrio insights can be embedded and accessed anywhere with our browser extension and it blows their mind.

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