Our mission

Help teams share and discover the knowledge needed to do their best work, wherever they work.

The wheel, paper, and rockets were all brought to life by connecting thoughts and sharing insights. These connected thoughts have transformed the world as we know it today and will continue to catapult us into the future.

We want to help accelerate innovation by providing teams of all sizes the tools they need to collaborate on research and share insights that help spark their team’s collective imagination. 

“Imagination allows us to conceive of delightful future possibilities, pick the most amazing one, and pull the present forward to meet it.” - Jason Silva

Avrio is a Greek word that literally means “Tomorrow”. Come build a better Avrio with us and help pull the present forward to the delightful future possibilities we imagine together!

Working at Avrio

We're building a product company and the product that we’re building is our company.

We don’t separate ourselves into traditional departments but we rather align ourselves around the jobs-to-be-done of our users and team members.

Our metrics keep us honest and earn resources to make an impact. Our results matter more than the hours we work and debates are won with better insights, not bigger job titles‍.

We truly believe that honest and direct feedback is a valuable tool, and a gift that we give each other to help pave the way in our individual growth paths.

‍We define our success based on our X-factor, which is our ability to provide an amazing customer, product, and Avrio team member experience. For a star to be born we must excel in all of these 3 areas.

Diversity & Inclusion

We aspire to build a company that reflects the diversity of our customers and gives us a global perspective on problem-solving.

We know the best people want to work on the best teams and the best teams are diverse & inclusive teams.

We value diversity in all of its forms and we hire the best person for each role, no matter what their personal background is.

We also don’t believe in empty statements and know this world is not perfect, so we've decided to actively tip the scales where we believe it is fair.

We dedicate our recruitment efforts and advertising budget towards channels that drive more interest and applications from underrepresented minorities whenever possible.