Avrio exists to help teams analyze and share the knowledge needed to do their best work, wherever they work

So what’s the problem?

As companies start to scale, data analysis and customer research is:

  • conducted in silos,
  • impossible to tell what’s valid,
  • and scattered all over the place without a single source of truth.

This is a problem because:

  • research is repeated,
  • time and money is wasted,
  • good insights are never put to work...

...and ultimately your bottom line pays the price!

Teams currently resort to centralising their research in all-in-one tools and traditional company wikis.

The problem with these tools is they:

  • Are not built specifically for research and analysis,
  • require people to break out of their current workflow to save information,
  • provide limited discoverability options,
  • and they’re impossible to keep fresh and up to date.

At the end of the day they just create a new silo and good research ends up dying in the original slide deck, spreadsheet, or analytics product anyway.

How are we solving it?

Avrio helps transform your customer conversations, data analysis, and scattered knowledge into insights that drive growth for your business.

We provide a web app and browser extension that allows you to capture insights, provide context, and promote the findings of your collective research wherever you work.

We believe insights discovered through data analysis (quantitative) and customer research (qualitative) should live together in a dynamic distributed and evolving repository. Your team's collective knowledge should not die at the bottom of a slide deck or your company’s static wiki.

We see a world where the answers your team are searching for find them so that they can make confident data-informed decisions that drive growth for your business!

Our investors

While we have your back, this amazing team of investors and operators has ours.

Panos Papadopoulos
Partner, Marathon VC
Bob Moore
CEO, Crossbeam
Jiaqi Pan
CEO, Landbot
Emily González-Cebrian Lomban
CEO, Froged
Patrick Thompson
CEO, Iteratively
Andrus Purde
CEO, Outfunnel
Sançar Sahin
CMO, Oliva

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