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Capture knowledge from anywhere

Built directly into your workflow, Avrio makes it easy to save Insights directly from a Google Doc, Slack thread, Analytics report, or wherever you are working.


Analyze your user interviews and usability studies

Upload and transcribe video and audio recordings for analysis and create highlights to share with your team.

Automatic audio and video recording transcription.

Automatic transcription

Upload your video or audio recording and have it automatically transcribed in one of 31 languages in minutes from our industry leading transcription engine.

Shareable recording highlights

Shareable highlights

Create shareable highlights without the editing software by simply selecting text and tagging your transcript.

Tag and analyze recordings.

Tag insightful moments

Tag your recordings to uncover insights from across your usability studies and user interviews and combine the findings into insights for your team.

Video highlights

Create shareable highlight clips from your transcripts without the complex editing software

Speaker detection

Automatically detect multiple speakers in a session to understand who said what.

Synced playback

Track what's been said in realtime with synced playback with the transcript.

Playback speed

Listen to video and audio at your own speeds, chose from standard 1.2x, 1.5x, and 2x.

Search transcripts

Search through full transcripts to find the exact words or phrases you're looking for.

Project collaboration

Create projects for you to share your transcripts with the rest of your team for analysis.

Public link import

Import recordings from any public link and synchronize Avrio to your current workflow.

Video & audio support

Support for standard video and audio formats including, MP3, MP4, WMV, MOV, and more

Smart Editing

Speed through editing your transcript with intelligent correction suggestions.

Custom Vocabulary

Boost transcription accuracy by predefining terms like company name or industry jargon.

Transcript Downloads

Download your transcript for further analysis in JSON, TXT, or VTT format.

Transcript Tagging

Tag key moments and phrases within your recordings to spot patterns and highlight findings.


Build trust in your knowledge

Tag, validate, and auto-archive insights to ensure your team is working from the freshest up-to-date knowledge always.

Avrio UI showing tags input

Tag management

Standardise tags across projects. Create, update, and delete tags to keep your knowledge in order

Avrio UI showing verified Insight

Expert validation

Keep your repository organized and trustworthy by assigning specific experts the ability to validate Insights captured by anyone on your team.

Avrio UI showing validity period of Insights

Auto Archive

Set a validity period on your Insights and automatically archive them once the time period has elapsed and/or they are no longer relevant.


Present and share your findings with your team in context

Increase your research and analysis reach with pins, annotations, email notifications, and more.


Build your case together

Prioritize your product around a clear strategy informed by user insights.


Spot patterns and connect the dots

Search through your collective knowledge, discover connections across insights and cards, and understand usage patterns to inform what to research next.

Search for searching Insights


Experience blazing fast self-learning search that surfaces the latest and most relevant Insights to you instantly.

An Insight showing the views count


See how your content is being consumed and understand what Insights are driving action.

Insight card connections to Jira tickets


Link Insights & Cards to issues, tasks, tickets and more and measure the impact of your work.


Secure and private by default

At Avrio we take the responsibility of protecting your data very seriously. We are SOC II compliant and have certifications, processes, and audits in place to systematically help ensure the safe and secure use of our service for everyone.

As an EU-registered company, Avrio complies with all applicable data privacy regulations.

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Avrio has made information security and data privacy foundational principles of everything we do, and we recognize the importance of adhering to regulations to advance information security and data privacy for citizens around the world.

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