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Avrio’s industry leading, GDPR compliant, and secure transcription service is trained by over 100,000+ hours of human transcribed content giving you the most accurate speech recognition service on the market.

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Turn your unstructured customer research recordings into actionable findings in minutes with automatic transcription, question detection, shareable highlights, and customizable tagging.

Transcribe User Interviews


Turn usability studies and user interviews into actionable insights in minutes with automated transcriptions, tags, and shareable highlights.

Video highlights

Create shareable highlight clips from your transcripts without the complex editing software.

Speaker detection

Automatically detect multiple speakers in a session to easily navigate through your transcription.

Synced playback

Track what's been said in realtime with synced playback with the transcript.

Playback speed

Listen to video and audio at your own speeds, chose from standard 1.2x, 1.5x, and 2x.

Search transcripts

Search through full transcripts to find the exact words or phrases you're looking for.

Project collaboration

Create projects for you to share your transcripts with the rest of your team for analysis.

Public link import

Import recordings from any public link and synchronize Avrio to your current workflow.

Video & audio support

Support for standard video and audio formats including, MP3, MP4, WMV, MOV, and more

Smart editing

Speed through editing your transcript with intelligent correction suggestions.

Custom vocabulary

Boost transcription accuracy by predefining terms like company name or industry jargon.

Transcript downloads

Download your transcript for further analysis in JSON, TXT, or VTT format.

Transcript tagging

Tag key moments and phrases within your recordings to spot patterns and highlight findings.

Global Voice Recognition

Accurate transcription in31  languages

Only 20% of the world speaks English. With Avrio you can extract more value from your non-English interviews.


English 1English 2English 3English 4


French 1English 3


German 1German 2


Greek 1Greek 2




Mandarin 1Mandarin 2Mandarin 3


Portuguese 1Portuguese


Spanish 1
Spanish 2Spanish 3Spanish 4

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